Newsletter: November 2017

Newsletter: November 2017

Hello, and welcome to your November Smarter Wags newsletter.

Just a quick reminder to book in for your dog’s pre-Christmas groom as soon as possible, as December’s appointments are booking up quickly, and it’s always good to have your pooch looking good for the festive season.

Get £5 off your dog’s next groom – Refer a Friend Scheme

If you refer a new customer to us for the full groom package, then you can both benefit – you will get £5 off your dog’s next groom, and they will receive £5 off their first visit. Just ask them to mention your full name when making their first appointment, then you can both take advantage of this offer. And please feel free to refer as many people as you like!

Customer Loyalty Scheme
As a thank you to all of our lovely, loyal customers, do remember that we operate a Customer Loyalty Scheme. You will earn a stamp each time that you visit, and after you have received six stamps, you will then get £5 off your dog’s next groom. And to show our appreciation for your loyalty so far, I will backdate these so that you will receive a stamp for all visits that you have made so far to the Smarter Wags studio.

Online presence
Remember that it is now possible to book your appointments through the website – – it couldn’t be easier! Plus you may be able to see photos of your adorable pets on our gallery page! Additionally, many of you already know that we have a Facebook page – – on which we put photos of your lovely dogs, plus updates and reviews, so do please take a look at this as well. We would really appreciate it if you would “like” this page, and, if you have not done so already, it would be great if you could leave a brief review.

Have a happy Christmas!
It is heading towards my favourite time of the year – Christmas, of course – and we want to ensure that you have a very happy and safe time with your beloved pet. So we have put together a quick checklist of things to look out for and be aware of during the festive season.

Christmas Trees
Keep an eye on your dog when he or she is around the Christmas tree, as the ornaments, tinsel, etc. are all potential choking hazards if your pet decides to explore them with their mouth. Many baubles are now shatter-proof, but just be careful if any do get broken, as the shards may injure their paws, mouth, etc. And if your tree is a real one, try to keep the area as clear of pine needles as you can, as they can puncture your pet’s intestines if ingested, and make sure that your pet can’t drink the tree water – if your tree was grown with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the water will be tainted with it.

Many Christmas plants – holly, mistletoe and poinsettia – are all poisonous to dogs, so ensure that you keep them out of the reach of your pet.

Edible tree decorations
Many of these are chocolate, which we know is incredibly toxic for dogs, so do make sure that they are hung well out of your pet’s reach on the tree.

Burning candles should be placed on high shelves or mantelpieces, out of your pet’s way — there’s no telling where a wagging tail may end up.

To prevent any accidental electrocutions, any exposed indoor or outdoor wires should be taped to the wall or the sides of the house.

Food and drink
Make sure that you don’t leave turkey where your dog can get to it, because turkey bones, like chicken bones, can be fatal to dogs. A little turkey as a treat is fine for your pet, but too much turkey meat can cause canine pancreatitis. Talking of turkey, it is always a good idea to dispose of the bones in a disposable plastic container, such as a used butter container, so that your dog can’t get to them even if they are in the rubbish bin. Again, be very careful with chocolate or any product which contains chocolate, such as cookie dough, and also alcohol, as just a small amount can poison your dog.

Have a great month and we look forward to welcoming you and your precious pet back to our studio very soon.


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