Newsletter: February 2018

Newsletter: February 2018

Hello, and welcome to your February Smarter Wags newsletter.

A quick reminder about our possible rewards for our lovely customers:

Get £5 off your dog’s next groom – Refer a Friend Scheme
If you refer a new customer to us for the full groom package, then you can both benefit – you will get £5 off your dog’s next groom, and they will receive £5 off their first visit. Just ask them to mention your full name when making their first appointment, then you can both take advantage of this offer. And please feel free to refer as many people as you like!

Customer Loyalty Scheme
As a thank you to all of our lovely, loyal customers, do remember that we operate a Customer Loyalty Scheme. You will earn a stamp each time that you visit, and after you have received six stamps, you will then get £5 off your dog’s next groom.

Online presence
Remember that it is now possible to book your appointments through the website – – it couldn’t be easier! Plus you may be able to see photos of your adorable pets on our gallery page! Additionally, many of you already know that we have a Facebook page – – on which we put photos of your lovely dogs, plus updates and reviews, so do please take a look at this as well. We would really appreciate it if you would “like” this page, and, if you have not done so already, it would be great if you could leave a brief review. We have also recently started advertising on, so if you are able to leave a review on there, or indeed on Google itself, then that would be fantastic. A huge thank you to those who have already done so.

Winter Grooming Tips

If you are feeling anything like me, it seems as though this winter has gone on for ever – with no let up in sight, as yet sadly. So I just thought that I would put together a few tips of things that you can be doing at home to help to keep your dog in as good a condition as possible in this horrible wet, muddy season.
1. Brushing
There is a far higher chance at this time of year that your dog’s coat might get matted, due to being out in the rain and mud. Fur that’s matted doesn’t provide warmth or insulation, but actually causes discomfort, pain, and hot spots. It can even lead to infections below the skin, so it is vital that you keep on top of this with regular brushing. As well as keeping the matts at bay, it will keep your dog’s coat in top condition by removing tangles, dirt and dead hair, and will increase skin circulation and distribute naturally occurring oil.
2. Winter/spring haircut
Although some people are not keen on getting their dog trimmed short in the winter, believing that they might get cold, please do bear in mind that most pets spend the majority of their time inside, in a warm house, and are only outside for a relatively short period of time. If you are still concerned, you could always get them a jacket to wear, but a short cut is often beneficial in the wet months to prevent excessive matting.
3. Drying your dog
It is really important to make sure your dog is well dried off when you get back from your wet weather walk with them. This means towelling them off with a clean towel and, if your dog is particularly soaked through, you can use a hair-dryer on them – although you do have to be extremely careful that the settings are on the lowest and that you never hold the device too close to their skin, as this could end up burning them. It is also very important to make sure that their paws are wiped and dried clean, too. You can minimise problems such as cracked pads, irritation, infections from snow, salt, mud, rain, low temperatures and gravel simply by wiping the feet dry after every outing, being especially watchful for snow or mud balls between the pads.

Have a great month and we look forward to welcoming you and your precious pet back to our studio very soon.


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